Constance V.

 Highly  recommend services of Mike Ferraro. Mike went over and beyond what was  initially anticipated with our radon remediation. Our conditions  rendered unseen issues that he professionally and willingly addressed  within our initial budget. Mike made several return visits to determine  all levels and conditions were met, and for this we are extremely  grateful. Not only was he professional and thorough, his friendly,  caring and informative manner brought us a level of confidence by the  end result. We will definitely contact him for any future services  within his realm of scope. Thanks, Mike


Kevin M.

 Mike  has done several Radon mitigation systems for me over the years. As a  Real Estate Broker, I feel that Mike has always done a great job, for a  very reasonable fee! I have had other Radon specialists see his work and  as professionals have enthusiastically endorsed it. He is also timely  in his response and completion of jobs. You can't go wrong with Mike!  Use him with confidence!

Nan F.

 If  ever in need of radon mitigation service-Mike is your "Go to Guy"! He  went out of his way to try to appease skeptical Buyers and was happy to  address their radon installation concerns even though his customers were  actually the Sellers! The installation went smoothly along with his  eye/knowledge for sitting the best possible location in this finished  lower level. Mike conducted himself with professional and patient  manner, all of which helped along the way. Many thanks Mike. You are on  my call list for radon services. Nan & Company, ReMax Select  Properties, Ashburn.

Frank C.

 I  just purchased a home and the radon levels was 6.2. I didn't have a  clue what radon even was to be honest. Our real estate agent referred  Mike to me as being one of the best radon mitigates in the area. He also  said he had completive pricing. We shopped around and found that Mike  was the most informed and best customer service. We choose him not only  because he was competitive in his pricing but also because of his  overall professionalism he was my choice. I was not disappointed. He  installed the mitigation system with precision and the best part is he  made it so you can't even tell that we have a Radon system installed.  The Radon testing now shows we are far below the .5 levels. He was very  informative and really took time to make sure I understood the issues  and all the possible options. Recommend to anyone and time by far the  best you will find in the NOVA area!  

Curt M.

 In  real estate timing is everything. The person we usually use to install  our radon remediation systems was recovering from an injury and was not  able to install a system in time for the property to reach settlement on  time. Mike Ferraro was referred to us so we decided to give Mike the  job. Well, Mike got the job finished in time and settlement was not  delayed at all. The new owners told their agent that the installation of  the radon system looked GREAT! So, if you are looking for a  professional radon remediation system installation, look no further than  Mike Ferraro!  

Greg D.

 Quality  work done in a timely manner. Radon levels were dramatically reduced  and no payment until the work was completed and the levels tested low.  Thanks

Lauren H.

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Judith P.

 I  have been a Realtor in Northern Virginia for over 15 years. Soon after  moving to the area I met Michael Ferraro. Since then I have recommended  him to all of my clients for home inspection, radon testing and  mitigation. He is very knowledgeable, pays close attention to every  detail. I have never been disappointed nor have my clients. He is my "GO  TO" person for inspections, radon testing/mitigation and should be  yours as well.  

Andrew B.

 We  found Mike Ferraro to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of radon  mitigation. He provided us with a detailed quote of the work to be done,  along with pictures of the radon system to be installed and when  finished we were well below the EPA radon Levels. Mike gave us an  aesthetically looking system and his clean up was impeccable. Mike is a  very professional and friendly man and we would most definitely  recommend him to anyone.

Angela R.

 Michael  Ferraro is an experienced radon mitigation vendor and I would recommend  him. His response to my inquiry was prompt and professional. His  informational materials are well done. I also found his estimate to be  very attractive. Phillip Updike, Harrisonburg Home Team, Kline May  Realty.

Joe B.

 Michael   was very straight forward on what would be required to mitigate our  radon problem. He was very sensitive to designing a solution so that the  piping was not ready visible from the road. He was very thorough and  neat during the execution and completely cleaned up after the job was  done. We are extremely satisfied with his personable demeanor and  professional expertise. Job well done 

Mark Loring

 We  just bought a house in Winchester - as part of the home inspection, the  radon level was checked. It was an average of 9.5 - Mike quickly  designed and professionally installed a system that works - the radon  level is well below the EPA prescribed level. Bottom-Line - the system  works and looks professionally installed. We are very pleased with  Mike's work and recommend him to anyone who needs a radon mitigation  system