Let  FRES give you a professional, thorough and unbiased property  evaluation. We have inspected literally thousands of properties here in  the Shenandoah Valley And Northern Virginia area for the past 16 years  and have over 35 years in the residential and commercial industry.We  highly recommend lining up an inspection company prior to submitting an  offer on a property, this way you are not scrambling to find a good  inspector at the last minute. You're probably not going to meet your  inspector prior to the home inspection and the last thing you want to  find out is your choice on the inspection company was a big mistake,  that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road.I  know that the inspection can be a bit boring, but we encouraged our  clients to be there for some part of the inspection process, this way we  can go over the systems of the house a show you how to operate them and  any items of concerns that might have come up during the property  evaluation.
After  the inspection ends our service to you does not, we will take the  report and picture back to the office and enter them into our software  and send you the full report within  a 12 hour time frame is our promise  to you, after all the clock is ticking. 

 Their  is a lot riding on you choice of the inspection company you hire and  you do not want to find out later that you made a mistake, so you need  to ask some question up front because all inspection companies are not  alike.
Here are a few questions you might want to ask:

 1. How long have you been conducting home inspections? 

2. Is this your full time job? 

3. What is your background in the home building industry? 

4. Are you licensed and insured? 

5. What do you inspect? 

6. What type of report will I get? 

7. Do you go up on the roof or do you pretend to inspect it from the ground?